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3rdly was born out of Luxin Host Ltd and has since grown in a rather traditional manner; we are rooted in a humble beginning, as we started with one impressed client who referred their friend, and we have since grown into a collaborative team of experienced developers and designers.

We stand out to other online digital services because we are a trial and tested service that continues to deliver new and creative ways to help your business make the impossible, possible. This is woven into our service ever so intricately; we take the time to understand what matters to your audience and bring out the true nature and strengths of your business.

Pointing strong roots


Thirdly is driven by passion

Pointing strong roots
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& passion

We come with the passion to make the Big Bad Web accessible and approachable in which businesses of all sizes not only survive, but thrive too. We want businesses to hit their goals, but also connect authentically to their target audience in a transparent and empowering manner.

We believe in doing it right & doing it once

We go through comprehensive research with each project, ensuring we not only understand your business but also your clients. This approach allows us to do things right the first time around therefore saving you time and money.

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saving time and money


saving time and money

Integrated Creative & Digital Solutions

Collaborative approach We believe Collaboration and communication in-house and with you the client is key, after all communication is oxygen!
We stop at nothing Our end goal and mission is empowering your brand to strive and succeed in what you do best.
Curious as a cat Curiosity is in our nature, we find out everything there is about your brand and your competitor’s and fill in the gaps to empower you.
Industries best standards We follow the industry’s best standards to ensure you are receiving consistent and reliable work which archive’s results!

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