We come with the passion to make the Big Bad Web accessible and approachable in which businesses of all sizes not only survive, but thrive too.

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One team per project

We assign one team of developers and one scrum master per project, this allows for maximum quality and understanding of your project.

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One team, per project

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Server security

Server security and management included

Gone the days of hiring server admins, developers and designers from multiple agencies or freelancers, we manage all in house for your ease and to ensure your project is secure and fast!

Honest and tranparent pricing

Using your thirdly dashboard you can track what you have been billed for, how long it took and see screen shots for absolute transparency.

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Transparent pricing

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Live sprint

Live sprint progress tracking

Be aware of everything that is happening with our live task progress tracking and easy to use project dashboard for direct communication with the developers and your account manager.


Thirdly VS freelancers VS
other agencies

Services Thirdly Other AgenciesFreelancers
Inclusive bug fixersYesYesYes
Free point of contact for technical adviceYesYesNo
UX & UI design teamYesYesNo
Strictly following NCSC government guidelinesYesRarelyRarely
“Complete Security” from server side to developmentYesRarelyNo
Ability to develop mobile later down the lineYesRarelyNo
Ability to scale with you as your company growsYesNoNo
Complete DocumentationYesNoNo

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  • Collaborative Approach

    We won't just understand your business and your customers but also understand you how you see the future of your project.

  • Strong focus on Deadlines

    We know how important it is to you and your business to meet deadlines which is why we have a 99% on-time delivery rate.

  • We are Self-Managed

    We take pride in our ability to research and find answers by ourselves and only reach out to you as the last result unless you have instructed otherwise.

  • Dedicated Testers

    Each project has one or more testers whose job is to understand your platform in depth and perform a huge number of tests before your task is marked as done.

  • Live Bug Tracking

    Our in house script allows for bugs, crashes and downtimes to be reported to our team the moment they happen.

  • Scrum Methodology

    We use SCRUM methodology as a standard to ensure of excellent delivery and maintenance of your project.

  • The 6-steps Development

    To you, as a client, it appears as a 2-step process however there are 4 other steps in our life cycle which you do not see.

    1. Planning & analysis

    Planning is a vital part of our development process as it helps with foreseeing challenges and takes into account the future plans for the project for maximum efficiency.

    2. Local Development

    Using our internal local development environments we’ll develop the task at hand with no interruption to your live services.

    3. Local Testing

    We perform extensive local testing and go through quality control before moving on to live implementation, this allows for any problematic issues to be detected beforehand.

    4. Live implementation

    Once the code has been tested and gone through quality control, it is pushed live at quite times without any down time to your website/platform.

    5. Live Testing

    This is the second quality control measure, we run more tests using live data to detect any bugs left. When live testing we of course ensure none of platform users are interrupted.

    6. Documentation

    Any well developed software comes with great documentation. In addition to leaving comments for most of our code, we develop extensive documentation with flow charts, diagrams and much more. Documentation is essential for the future of the software!

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